Who me?

Here I hopefully am. My first few attempts ended up looking like the guitarist from Genesis.  Other than both having beards, Mike Rutherford and I really don’t look much like each other. 

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Awww, Mikey!! I mean, Bryan! There’s my dear: crocs, check; funny glasses, check; breadwig t-shirt, check; pouch, check; shorts (regardless of outdoor temps), check; slightly spacey expression ’cause he’s thinking about his next artistic venture, check.

but…but… what happen to your wig made of bread, Mr.breadwig?????
there can’t be no artistic ventures without the wig!!!

hahahaha it looks like you! wonderful, thats spot on.

what color crocks do you have? 😛
And do you really go around with the tummy purse (what’s that called in english?) in real life?

Hahaha, this is funny. Man, I haven`t been really commenting on here in a while. But now that school has started, I should be back on my regular commenting scheduel. lol Expect to see some awesome art this year from me my friend. AP Studio Art is really working me already, but I`m loving it! Just thought I shoud shared my excitement! 😉

Jen, I kinda borrowed your mirror to do this. I’ll put it back, I promise.

Bruna, the wig is only for special occasions and communion.

Muffin, it’s not a tummy purse! It’s a fanny pack. Yes, a fanny pack, which sounds much better than a tummy purse. ….Okay, fanny pack sounds just as bad. It’s a man bag, okay? No wait. Ummm. Okay, it’s a tummy purse.

I have brown, green and white crocs. But the whites are my favorite, and this is why.

Welcome back Cristina, can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.


haha, “man bag”. Oh my, it’s hereby renamed, baptised and blessed. I’m taking my man bag with my on my next walk, for sure! If you carry it a little low it’ll definitaly make sense.

We actually call it a butt-purse, cause we usually twirl it around and place it on top of the butt cheeks.
Love those crocs, but the way. Here comes Bryan.

by the way*

Oh, and another btw.
I dont usually wear a “butt-purse”. As it is exclusively for people over the age of 40 only I’m still anticipating the day when I can finally buy my own copy.

Not that it looks silly. ..

Jeremy, if only they made white sharpies, you could see the drawings on my brown crocks. Oh well.

Muffin, I will sign the waiver form so you can get the keister-pouch early.

Wow! I loves the shoes! And I loves the little bryan too… he looks like you!

Nikki, I thank you, and little bryan thanks you too.

hmmm… Looks like someone I know… where have I seen that person before? … hmmm… you got me!!! ha ha ha.

If I saw the two of you walking down the street, I would not know who is who, silly me. I love it!!! 😀

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