my crocked out feet

Since the topic of my crock wearing tootsies has been bantered about, here’s a photo I took of them on the beach this summer.

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Wow! That’s really neato! You should send that into the Croc Manufacturers.

Haha, this is great! You should be a foot model. lol 😉

another awesome photo!

Thanks Liz and Cristina and Bruna! I’ve always thought I’d make a great spokes model. Ankles and Jowls, those are my strong points.

I’ve always found it fascinating how the hair on men’s legs so abruptly stop by the ankle and present us with pale, thinkskinned, hairless feet (except for the big toe, which is covered in long, thick, black hairs).

Maybe my big toe is bald…

Be careful on the escalators in those things!

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