by plopular demand

Okay, there was no real demand for this, let alone a ploppy demand. But I thought these were nifty. Anyway, here’s the photos I used for the flowering clown illustration. These were all taken from my daughter’s pressed flower collection.  click on ze orange “mo” for the rest of them.


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Nothing like the real beauty of nature! Really lovely shots.

WOW! Or your scan is really ultra-fantastic, or the flowers where you live kick ass, or your daughter reeeally knows how to pic the best looking flowers ever!!!! amazing, amazing…
thanks for sharing!

This is a GREAT collection of images.

This is the coolest most beautiful and bizarre looking stuff ever. I want to press flowers now.

Thanks Pat!

Hey Bruna, I think you’re right on all accounts.

Hey Josh/photo-mentor, thanks man.

Jim, pressing flowers is a ton of fun. At least it is when you are pressing them with a 5 year old!

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