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Not K.D. silly.  Check out my buddy Keith Lango’s blog for an IM doodle off we had recently, reliving old times when we used to have meetings together at Big Idea. A meeting with post it notes, sharpies, and Keith Lango is a darn good meeting. Regardless of what the actual meeting might be about. Give a click for all the sordid details.

Here’s a few doodles from some recent meetings:

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I remember the woodchuck/beaver? someone drew, then Todd Mock drew a fart cloud. We all couldn’t contain ourselves and Brian Lum actually called us out. I think I was crying/laughing/filled with defiance at Lum at the time so I don’t recall much! Ah meetings!

NOw, if i can’ only figure out how to link people to my blog which I can’t seem to figure out no matter how hard I try!!!

that was so cool, bryan. how fun to stay in touch that particular way with friends miles across the globe. 🙂

Jody, I remember that meeting. Man, those were some tense meetings sometimes though. We needed more fart clouds.

Mike, I highly recommend it. It’s pure therapy.

Now, I have no doubt whatsoever that the people at Big Idea work really hard, but somehow it seems odd to think of Bob and Larry and “tense meetings”.

I like the first doodle (Dinosaur? Dragon?) best, but all three are cool. My meeting doodles are never that cool (but then again, I’m not a real artist, either).

Jody – put in the complete address of your blog in the field called ‘website’ when you enter comments. You must include the “http://” part to make it work.

Brian – go for a topknot! You could be some kind of samurai-artist!

Hahaha. It`s so awesome to have art buddies like that. I wish I had someone like that to share little doodles with. 😉 I loved all the drawings. Maybe I should continue the legacy and start doodling on post it notes. Though, for some odd reason, I`ve grown fond of tape, you know the creme-ish kind. lol

love these. really like the person with the handle grip forehead and babycorn teeth. very cool. love the gator too. how large? 3″ by 5″? or post its at 10 paces?… love them.

Cristina, tape yes! What a great surface masking tape is.

Thanks Doug, I use the 2 and 7/8ths by 4 and 7/8ths size.

awesome doodles Bryan! I have tried, but post its are not for me. I can’t get a grip with the fact that there isn’t no ctrl+Z to redo my bad inking choices… I need to practice way more to be near where you are now… I may be developing this new disorder, the Fear-of-no-ctrlZ-disturb. Maybe the post-its will be the cure?…

Hey Bruna, that is the beauty of post its and permanent marker. With no undo, you are forced to live with what you put down, and approach the page with no fear!

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