I have been so busy with school and freelance work this semester that my art and writing are suffering greatly. And consequently so is my blog.  🙁  Until I can get some more breathing space, I’ll have to settle for posting some more of my photography.

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oh my goodness. This is beautiful. I can smell the field cuttings. The story-teller in you speaks so clearly through the visual mediums that it makes me want to cry sometimes. I love all of the voices with which you choose to tell your stories. This comes from such a different setting, yet still contains your subtleties, your attention to detail. The care you have for your craft, while as with all your work, providing immediate impact for the viewer. just great, just great.

Amazing photograph.
Stunning man.

Great picture! Do you have any photography in color? I bet it looks every awesome-er! lol

Hey Doug, thanks man. Good subject matter makes all the difference.

JV, I appreciates that, I do.

Cristina, I do have some color photography. I’ll try and post some more soon.

Such a nice photo. 🙂 I love umbrellas.

wait and see what I’ve been doing here for you with this photo!! surprise,surprise….

Thanks Muffin, that umbrella is actually doubly cool, as the top has frog eyes on it.

Okay Bruna, spill the beans, what are you doing? I have to know! 🙂


Hey Bryan, this one’s AWESOME! Beautiful, just gorgeous.

Regina and Tony, thanks! This is one of my favorites.

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