black dogs. B+W photography

Black dogs and black and white photography. I just want to say, it’s actually quite difficult. At least for me.

The top one is our dog Fable. The bottom dog (click on him for a zoom) is Figbert.

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I must say… Figbert has a BIG OL’ tongue. Looks like Figbert could clean up an entire Thanksgiving table with all the trimmings (lit candles included) in one lick. What wonderful family companions. Fable looks so noble, ever watchful.

Awww, they`re so cute! And I second the difficulty of taking pictures of dogs. They just won`t stay still. lol

Fable! The best super dog ever!

Hey Doug, yeah, Figgy can also clean faces really well.

Cristina, yeah and it’s extra difficult because with black dogs, if the background is light colored, it’s really hard for the camera to capture all the range of tones and they end up just looking like a black silhouette.

Bruna, I will tell Fable you said that!

Really great!
Two dogs, two super powers.
Fable has super noble strength…. and Figgy has the power of SUPER TONGUE!!


Yeah, I know what you mean Bryan. My dog is black too. 😉

I really like your photos! I was wondering what kind of camera you use? Do you take the shots in B & W, or do you take them in colour and convert them to B & W in the computer?

Jeremy, ha, yep. Fable also has the power of attacking and biting the vacuum.

Cristina, Yeah, it’s especially hard to take pics of black dogs in the snow.

Chris, thanks! How’d you stumble onto my blog? Just curious. I take the shots in color and then I convert them in Photoshop to black and white. I shoot in RAW format, which lets me adjust the exposure some after I’ve taken the pictures, which helps a lot. I use a Pentax K10D Digital SLR camera, and I’m very happy with it. Thanks for visiting!

In the snow? I would think it`d be easier because of the contrast of light and dark.

Ha, you’d think. But because the camera can only capture a certain range of values, either the snow gets totally blown out, or the dogs are so dark they are just dog shaped blobs.

aww, look at the cute little old girly dog with her old lady beard!! Poor little Fable. We’ll have to find an old pic of Trouser and see if we can decide whose tongue is the longest–Trouser’s or Figbert’s. Of course, Figgy would win the Thanksgiving Cleanup Award over Trouser–but who would win between him and Fable? The stuff of deep philosophical discussions. . .

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