My punkin’

Carved fresh tonite.

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WHOA buddy that is great. Those teeth!!! they scare me. What a great design. Lots of open space to let the heat out and used very well to describe the character…. but those teeth!!!! great punkin. db

That’s pretty awesome.

well, you won’t find ME reaching in there to steal his candle…

Perhaps I should sign him (her?) up for the visiting dentist at Horace Mann?

Doug, yeah, those teeth, they’re not messing around.

Thanks Josh.

Mike, ha!

Jen, are you saying he needs braces?

I think this may be the best pumpkin I have ever seen in all my pumpkin viewing days. Very nicely sliced. 🙂 I hope I can carve a pumpkin this year, not for carving reasons, but so I can bake the seeds with garlic in the oven. Yum!

Hah hah. I love this guy.
This truly is a pumpkin I would like to see smiling at me from the front porch.
Well done my friend.


This pumpkin is totally B.Ballinger. Love it!

Sarah, you’re back! Thanks so much for the kind words. If you carve one, be sure to plop it onto your blog. And yes, the seeds, the seeds!

Jeremy, thanks my man. His teeth have started “curling”. I hate when that happens.

Jim, I thank you sir.

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