Robird Redux

So I had this illustration from an old Drawergeeks, and I was never fully satisfied with the way it was lit, or its materials. Well I’ve been using custom Mental Ray shaders a lot more recently,  so I decided to give it another whack. I’m liking this a lot better. Much more moody/interesting I think.  Click it for ze biggie version.

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I love the color scheme that’s going on here. Very cool.

Great job with the show last night. Easily one of Radio’s finest moments.

i remember that guy! love what you did with him (in a morbid the poor guy died frozen in space kinda way…)

Hey Bryan!! Thanks, I’m glad to be back! For a workaholic, doing nothing is the worst part of beeing sick… but now, I’m back and working hard on that photo of yours (remember?!!)! When it’s done I’ll give you a link, I think you’re going to like it! ip, ip, ip. 😀

Josh, thanks man. Merrill and I loved doing the show.

Mike, yeah, hopefully he’s drifting towards a new power source.

Bruna, I didn’t forget it! I’m dying to see what you are talkin’ bout.

completely resets the mood… very lonely, desolate. Very interesting and bold choice of palette. The growing collection of visual stories where your color palettes are creating a setting of a forlorn or forgotten place are quite luring. They quietly pull the viewer in as a third party, never allowing the viewer to participate, only allowing to witness, to feel without being able to help or assist. In some ways these pieces, the Raggedy Andy, leave me a bit frustrated. I want to help them. I care about them. I feel for them. As a visual storyteller, you can’t ask for more than that. -db

Thanks Doug, that means a lot.

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