Cereal is as cereal does

Yep. You guessed it. I’ve been too busy to do any new illustrations. Didn’t stop me from revisiting this one though and hopefully tweakin’ it for the better.

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i would eat those. and i don’t even eat cereal. (love the “nabiscow”!)

i loved this from the time i saw it on drawergeeks. The yellow bubbles worry me a bit. Actually the extruded comment does also. Come to think of it… this makes me woosy.


it’s a thing of beauty. i love the title, it’s so catchy! You COULD have a mad cow disease special.

UdderPuffs? eeeeeeeeeek!!!

Hey Bryan!! Guess what?!! ’tis finished at last!!
I posted on my blog, so you have to go there to see it.
I put your daughter’s flowers on the last finish touches. It’s all about her anyway, right?
I still have a better image on my head, but this is the best I could do… maybe I’ll redo some bits in the future, who knows?
Hope you like it! 😉

Mike, you don’t eat cereal? Not even Booberry?

Doug, all foods are improved by extrusion.

Jody, oooo, that would make a great prize inside the box.

Jim, don’t run, embrace the udder puffs.

Bruna, your painting is so, so, so great. I don’t even know what to say. I love it. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, check it out at: http://contosdocorvo.blogspot.com/2007/10/fields-of-gold.html

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