It’s the only way, really.

I did this t-shirt design for the youth group at my church.  Yeah, they’re a cool bunch.

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hahaha How much you think it`d be for one of those shirst? 😉

Updated with drawings!
HAha, that dragon is so cool. She looks like a dog, far far in there somewhere. Maybe she ate one once.

very cool… love this character. db

Hey Cristina, I don’t know if they’ll be selling those shirts. If they don’t, I’ll put it up on my cafepress store!

Muff, you came back! Wahoo! Yes, there is some doggie in there. All good dragons have a little dogginess.

Thanks Doug!

I can’t stop thinking about a dragon squealing now!!!! loooove this dragon!!

Ha, thanks Bruna. I’m trying to see if i can get it on some t-shirts, we’ll see.

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