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So, this funky cool blues band from Finland saw my The Last Cow illustration and decided to change their name to The Last Cow and asked if they could use my illustration. A blues band from Finland that changed their name to The Last Cow, how could I say no? You can check out some of their music here:

 Also, don’t forget to check out  🙂

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that’s the best.

I believe they had the perfect spark for their inspiration. Come to think of it… I might change my name to “The Last Cow” as well. Great piece. -db

That is like the best story… ever.


Dude, you are so rock and roll right now. That is eight kinds of awesome.

Hey Bryan,
My family and I were out in the mountains and stopped by this artsy store .Well they were selling a lot of unique things from, I`m guessing, local popular artists. Anyway, I saw this and thought of your flying raindeer .


Ha, I knew you’d appreciate that Mike.

Doug, I think you’d be better off just changing your middle name to “Cow”. How cool would that be?

Thanks JV, I thought it was pretty nifty.

Tyson, I agree, at least 8.

Cristina, could you post that link again. Maybe put a written dot com instead of the real url?

I… I … I want one. Oo

If the link to the picture above didn`t work, it`s here.

Muffin, ha! You should get one!

Cristina, that’s awesome. Very cool.

I reread this post about 14 times, and it’s awesomeness is still sinking in.

Ha! Agreed Adam.

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