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Here’s a character from a new children’s book I’m illustrating. All the main characters are dogs, so I’m excited. I like dogs. Anyway, here’s one of the characters. Click on “more” for some, well, more.  Here’s the initial character design sketch. Iddn’t he cute?

And here’s a test render of the final model.

 Here’s a render of just the model, so you can see how much better he looks with colored materials and textures.

And here’s the UV maps I had to create so I could slap those colors onto him. UV mapping, ick.

And here’s a top down view just for fun.

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Woah! That`s so cool. Great character 😉

Thanks Cristina! I’ll be putting up some more characters from the book soon.

Bryan –

“All the main characters are dogs” so you are the perfect person to illustrate it. You’ve shown, more than once, how much you love this subject.

I’m curious about your process: How do you get from model to illustration? Do you construct all the models and create some backgrounds, and then pose them and render it for the different pictures?

Hey, I got tagged on my blog, so now I’m passing the fun on to you.


Hey Tyson, yep, dogs are the best! I’m going to put up a more detailed description of my illustration process soon when I show one of the finished illustrations from this book. Basically though, it’s like what you’ve described. I model the characters and then model the backgrounds. Then I pose the characters in different positions, change the lighting and the camera position, etc. Recently though, I’ve gotten into rendering multiple passes of the illustration and then compositing them in photoshop.

Okay, I was wondering about that (doing the backgrounds and characters separately). How much processing /tweaking do you do after putting the pieces together? In other words, how much do you play with the post-rendered image?

It depends, but I find that I’m doing more and more post work. Mostly depth of field and occlusion effects/tweaking. But also often adjust the colors and contrast, etc. in photoshop too. Sometimes I’ll end up with a photoshop file with 20 or more layers of adjustments.

That is so cute!!! nice doggie!

Bryan –

Thanks for the info. A few years back I fiddled a little bit with 3D modelling-based art, but never really went very far with it. I’m curious about the process people use, so thanks for sharing!


I love talking about this stuff!

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