Faux Toes

Yep, I’ve finally got a gallery of my photographs up. Wheee. You can check them out at http://breadwig.smugmug.com 

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You have quite the good collection of great photographs. I will certainly pay attention to what you keep putting out.

Hey Bryan, just wanted to thank you for your comments on my art. I really do think you have the gift of encouragement….It might not seem like abig deal, but a few words like the one`s you posted on my blog really push me to be fearless with my art and just go for it. It`s frustrating sometimes, because I`m constantly pushing myself to be better and when I don`t achieve the level I want to get to…well I get a bit ticked off. But yeah…thanks 🙂

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that I`ve totally fallen in love with your little purple elephant. The one in your CafePress store. I`m going to find a way to get that shirt because I just can`t resist…:)

aaaaah! Fable the Fantastic Dog!!! running towards a new adventure!
your photo gallery is added on my top favourites!!!!
thanks so much for sharing!
you really do have the gift for encoragement, I agree with Cristina! 🙂

Hey Brian – this is great stuff you got on here. And your Elf Drawergeeks made me crack up. SO funny.

Hey Josh, thanks. I’m always checking out your pics for inspiration.

Cristina, I can’t wait to see more of your drawings like the bots. Loved ’em.

Bruna, yes! That’s Fable the Fantastic Dog! Merrill’s sidekick.

Hey Marco, thanks for stopping by. I always dig what you do for DG, really cool stuff.

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