Threadlessin’ with the Dragon

Yep, I just submitted my first t-shirt design to threadless. If you get a sec, head on over there and give it a vote. That’d be super swell. If I win I’m donating the winnings to the youth group at my church. Wheee! 

 You have to sign up to give it a rating I think.

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I couldn’t vote because you have to log in, but it’s a 5 to me. If it went to 10, I would have given a 10.
and I don’t agree with a bunch of people asking to lose the text. The text is as great as the art!!! I couldn’t let a post either (log in again) but… come on people??!!! the text is awesome!
the font is great too, reminds me of medieval times, full of squeling dragons and annoying knights trying to kill them… good times… good stuff…

I love this shirt!

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