another pooch

Here’s another character from the book I’m working on.  He’s worried but friendly. Just like me. Click on more for the initial sketch and another view.

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aw! what an adorable pup! howsabout some 3d rendered slobber? 🙂

I love him enough to adopt. Very cute character my friend.

wonderful to see the 2d sketch that started it all. Would not have guessed the foreshortening came from the modeling and reworking in 3d. I was under the impression that the original sketch looked just like the finish. Silly me. Great teaching tool.

He makes me want to grab him and give him lost of kisses. Then ofcourse, I would have lots of slubber on me too. Ewww! lol

Mike, 3d rendered slobber, that describes most of my work I think.

Jim, thanks buddy. Now go update your blog so I have something to go see.

Doug, ha, well honestly, I am a horrible draftsman/drawer of things with any sort of perspective. Oh the irony.

Thanks Cristina, maybe when the toy comes out, it’ll come with some slobber accessories. Call Fischer Price!

Ahhh YES! I`ll be the first in line. 😉

aaaaaaaw. Smush!

What program did you use to do all of these amazing works of art.

By the way I admire VeggieTales which you used to work on

I’m a big fan of yours and I got this link to your website by Phil Vischer’s website

Hi Phillip, wow, you have the same name as the other Phil Vischer? I use Maya for all my 3d stuff. Thanks for the kind words!

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