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I must be a glutton I guess. My dragon shirt design tanked on Threadless (1.7 out of 5 qualifies as tanking no?). Anyway, I’ve just entered another t-shirt design.  Feel free to vote on it.

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Awesome work, Bryan. I love this one. I hope it wins, so that I can buy it.

Hey Chris, thanks man!

I WANT IT! I really do hope it wins because my birthday is coming up in a week or so and you know what I`ll be asking for. lol Even if it doesn`t win, will you put it on sale. Please!! 😉

Consider it voted. That’s pretty stinkin’ sweet.

Cristina, I hope it wins too! We’ll see, my last design sure didn’t fare well. I’ll let you know if it does. If it doesn’t maybe I’ll do the cafe press thing with it.

Thanks JC, I appreciates it!

Umm, Bryan could I use this picture on a powerpoint for an art report I have to do on illustrators?

I really like this one. Very very nice. Love that lil’ rodent.

Hey Bry – this is awesome. Nice concept and attractive illustration.

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