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Yeah, I can’t seem to stop now.  Aaaaaaaaaaargh. Anyway, here’s my latest threadless submission, based on my Merlin image.  http://www.threadless.com/submission/147996/wielding_green/

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Well it looks like people love this one on threadless. I wish I knew what caused people to like some things and not others…

Hi, thanks for your comment im my blog. I think your work is very good, congratulations!

Super cool…. I love the colours especially. It’s not the usual Merlin blue and purple you expect, but instead, so much better.

Love the Merlin! and if you squeeze your eye a bit to the left, he turns into GANDALF!!!! it’s a 2-top-wizards-shirt in ONE!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Your works are fantastic!!!!!!!

You crack me up bro. Looks like Merlin laid a hex on your brain.

Merlin? Oh wops, I was thinking “oh cool, Moses!” ;P

I will buy this shirt. Is threadless going to make one? If not, what do I have to do? Who do I have to kill?

Well, my Merlin shirt died a slow horrible death on Threadless. Actually all my submissions there have died slow horrible deaths. Sigh. I might try and put it up on Cafepress.

The people who vote on Threadless clearly have no taste! This tee, just like your last two, were awesome! You should set them up in your cafe press store.

Another apparel website you might want to check out is http://www.spreadshirt.com. You can set up a free store on there similiar to Cafe Press. Not only do you have more control over your store’s appearance, such as header color, text link colors, background images, width, but their actual products have more imprint options. The available imprint area on the front and back is from neck line to the bottom of the shirt and you have the option to imprint the sleeve.

Plus, and I know this will be a huge selling point for you Bryan, you can imprint canvas shoes which bear a striking resemblance to Converse.

You should take a look.

Thanks Greg. I’m going to check out spreadshirt, definitely. I love those print options.

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