penguin pileup

A cover I recently did for an educational math book.  Super extra double fun job.

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math books are not as boring as they used to be…
if I had a book with some penguins I wouldn’t have strugle so much with those damn numbers!
awesome penguins Bryan!! love the little one with the helpfull expression!

Great camera angle. You’ve pulled off another fine one my friend.

COOOL! get it? cause it’s the south pole and cold and— yeah.

tomato throwing jokes aside- awesome work as usual. 🙂

Just really like this a whole lot. Your Maya work is just so friendly. I agree with Jim, the camera angle is great. i am a camera… camera camera.
You have a wonderful flair for color in these pieces. This was a fun result. You should be proud.

Bruna, thanks! yeah, that penguin is my favorite too.

Thanks Jim, art director really pushed me to get a dynamic angle on this piece. I’m glad she did.

Mike, there you go again, going over my head.

Doug, you are a camera. Lyrics aptly chosen buddy. “Here, by the waterside
There, where the lens is wide”

So very colorfull and cute for a math book cover. I would have spent the whole class just looking at the cover really… 😉

SO cute! 😀 I love penguins and this didnt make it any worse. Such a fun job, Bryan!

Thanks Cristina and Mette!

I would like my math class more if it was this adorible… do you do Algebra 2 books?

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