chicken dude revisited

in t-shirt form, no less. Yeah, I know. I’m going to stop the threadless submissions soon. My work’s clearly not a good fit. In the meantime, I had to give this guy a shot.


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aw man. if i ever felt like wearing a bright yellow shirt i would consider getting that.

i feel guilty for never having set up a threadless account…

I give it a 5. Or rather, I gave it a five!

If this shirt doesn’t do well, I think that’s proof enough that the world just hasn’t yet caught up to your style yet. Think Impressionism. They weren’t ready for that when it came around. Give it 5, 10, or 15 years and these shirts will be selling like hotcakes!

Maybe you should make a Cafe Press (or SpreadShirt) store solely for Threadless rejects. These blog posts and your shirt submissions would be the perfect advertisement for it.

I will go right now and give it the highest vote that i can… I want a breadwig shirt. I would like threadless to realize what they have and branch out a bit. But everybody has a right to screw up a golden opportunity by not taking off the blinders.

Mike, I think you should wear a bright yellow pant suit. Seriously.

Greg, I love the idea of a threadless rejects store. I wonder if is taken?

Thanks Doug, yeah, I just don’t fit the threadless mould I guess.

Alright. I just saw the average score of this shirt and I am appalled! Where is their sense of style?! Where is their sense of decency?! I truly hope you go through with your threadless rejects store so your quality designs, unlike many on that site, can see the light of (consumer) day.

They have no taste… no taste at all…

Yeah, I’m definitely not a fit for threadless. When I get a little space I’m going to try a store using that place you mentioned.

Oh man, I hope there is still time to vote. but, then again, I don’t think you’l have much problem getting a lot of votes.

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