Galactus, 2d or 3d? You be the judge.

I did this for the latest drawergeeks. Read on to see a bunch o’ making of crap.


First up is the sketch. Drawn directly with a sharpie, no pencil scribblinz involved.

Then… yeah, I went into Maya and drew out the curves/outlines. I thought about doing this in Photoshop or Illustrator, but you know, doing it in Maya was sooo much faster.

Then I just extruded and beveled each shape and moved them forward and backward in 3d space. No layers, I could move them as far or as close as I wanted etc. Super quickola.

After rendering it, I did bring it into Photoshop to add some noise. I also rendered out a depth pass so I could use that in Photoshop for the depth blurring. Here’s some close in crop action.

And here’s the final again.

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When I found out that you were submitting again to drawergeeks, I got so curious to see what your take was going to be. Usually it is creatively a different direction than most would choose. Again, I am correct. This is so odd. I LOVE IT. From the cut paper animation feel, to the great textures applied, to the less than gigantic statures and his nervous “Don Knotts” look on his face. As always, fantastic fantastic work.

I Agree with Dugbuddy! It reminds me of japonese theater, or opera stages, and Galactus helps a lot to add the opera mood in this scene, with this helmet of his! 😀
very different and original Bryan! I love it too!

haha! great. just taking a little break from world devouring. galactus deserves that.

Thanks Doug. Don Knotts was one of my all time favorite actors. Maybe I was channeling him into Galactus?

Bruna, wouldn’t a theater stage be the coolest thing to design? Thanks for the cool comments!

Mike, YES! Galactus is just going out for a row, who can deny him that?

My favorite, for sure.
Beautiful mood, awesomely weird…. just cool as heck.

That’s SO cool. Bravo.

Love it Bryan…and I never made the Don Knotts connection…but now that it’s out there.
Don Knotts as Galactus! BRILLIANT!

Jeremy, thanx dood. I like to try something different on these, but I may have to explore this style further.

Thanks Josh. Can you tell my black and white photography has affected my illustration?

Paul, let me as you this. Is there any better thespian than Don Knotts? Charles Nelson Reilly is close, but still…

I loooove this effect! Supernicely done, Bryan. Reminds me of childrens school play. Very cool. 🙂

This turned out fantastically. I am always amazed with the cool non-computer look you manage to create on the computer. Thanks again for the breakdown too. 😀

Holy Toledo, that’s neat. Loved your “making of” section too; till now, I was fairly certain it involved incantations, poultry sacrifice, and a few shrunken heads

Looks like a man made or shielded by popsicle Long live Popsicle Man!! haha

Mette, I love school play sets, that whole vibe. Thanks!

Sarah, it’d be fun to do some animation in this style. No reason it couldn’t be done.

Adam, sometimes doing 3d CGI involves giving up little pieces of your soul. No chickens tho.

Cristina, Galactus loves popsicles.

Bryan – this is AWESOME! You always come up with something new and amazing.

Dood! I just had to try this for myself, and the ON STAGE look was perfect, and I had an opportunity… so what I’m saying is that I basically ripped you off. Anyway, I only had Illustrator and Photoshop to play with, but i think it came out cool. Can’t wait to try it again.

Thanks Janee!

Mikey, hey, wow, that looks GREAT! Very nice, it totally works!

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