I’m currently working on some art for a bumper thingy for a cartoon on NBC and the script changed, so my drawing of the Apostle Paul won’t be getting used.  I liked the way he turned out though, so I’m dropping him off here. I’ll pick him up later after the show.

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love this. Good luck on this project. keep us all posted when it starts circulating.

He has an expression of so dropped and still waiting for ‘someone’ to pick him up!!!!LOL! poor Paul…
The look on his face is of some dread that Mr.Breadwig fellow isn’t coming back, and it looks like it’s going to rain in a very definite near future. Gosh. PICH HIM UP BRYAN!!!!
great art!

Lol, I never pictured him quite this old! But I love the nose/mouth/beard-part.

Best Paul drawing ever! This would be awesome as a stain glass window in a church.

Doug, thanks! Once it’s airing I’m hoping to post some clips.

Bruna, I’ll pick him back up, I promise!

Thanks Muffin!

Sarah, wouldn’t it be the coolest thing to design some stained glass windows? Course a church filled with my style of art would never fly I think.

Actually, he looks an awful lot like your dad. Only his feet weren’t so oddly shaped.

Hey Bryan, check out my blog. I put an excerp the children`s book I`m writing. I wouls love to hear your feedback on it. 😉

I kicked and screamed to have them keep the joke. Now that I see Paul I am even sadder.

Yeah Jen, you’re right, it does look like my dad doesn’t it?

Brian, yeah, that was my favorite part of the segment! It was so funny.

I don’t know how I missed this one earlier. This would make an awesome tattoo.

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