Zan of the Tar fame

Haven’t posted in a bit. The flu has hit our household. In fact, I feel quite like Tarzan here. I should have a 3d illustration of him up in a few days.

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love your linework. so free yet the line itself becomes a character or actor in the scene.

I feel like watching discovery channel. Or animal Planet.
‘Tarzan in the wild!!!’ awesome lines Bryan! as always! cheers!

Doug and Bruna, believe it or not, it took me over 20 years to start embracing the way I do line art.

oh. I DO believe it. really. I’m in a real crisis here about my work. Sometimes it seems to me I’ll never have the insight of what my line of work should be… or the lines of my pencils… to get where your artwork and expression of your lines are right now is my dream. Your lines truly defines what you think and what you are, in a way. Perhaps, not what you are, but what your dreams are at the moment.
I love your drawings!

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