Zannin’ it 3d

Well here he is. I tried some new shading stuff and it worked out pretty good I think. Read on for a lil’ bit of making of spiff.

Here’s the base modeling of the scene.  Nice and blocky.

And here’s the body smoothed out with the material applied.  I find this ridiculously disturbing. I hope you do too.

And here’s a close up crop of the final illustration.  I’m really happy with the lighting on this one. It’s actually a really simple lighting setup. Four lights and a light emitting sphere and that’s it. The subtle warms and cools on his schnoz are my favorite.

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love this… love the reflection in the eye. sweet detail. Cool work man.

wow. that is one loooong tongue.

awesome 3d rendering as usual. 🙂

The naked geometry of his body is… not right.

Thanks Doug. I sure had fun withit.

Mike, yeah, that’s what happens sometimes.

Brian, I knew you would appreciate it.

I love this! What 3d software are you using for this?

Hey Nick, I used Maya for this, along with Mudbox for some modeling and Mental Ray for the rendering.

Awesome thanks for lettin me know, I’m trying to learn Maya as we speak!

Hey Nick, awesome! I took a look at your blog, looks like you’re going to school for computer graphics is that right? What school are you going to? (I actually teach digita media arts at Huntington University). I like what you’ve written about on your blog about creating art, etc. I really dig your drawings. I’d encourage you, even though you’re still learning the 3d stuff, to start creating your characters, etc. in 3d now too. Just start building ’em!

Yeah? I’ll give it a shot. I’m just not very comfortable with character modeling yet. I’m learning Lightwave at the moment and will be learning Maya on my own. I’ve played with a number of modeling programs and I’m still trying to find something I’m comfortable with. I think I like Silo & Maya at the moment. Either way, I’m just not sure where to start with characters, I dont really know how to use MudBox or Zbrush yet. (Not sure if that matters though).

Anyway, I’ll take your advice and go for it. Thanks for the kind words about my art 🙂
oh and btw I go to California State University – Chico.

I’ll letcha know when I make my first character!

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