faster than a speeding wiener

Another illustration from the book I just finished up illustrating. We actually went to the wiener dog races last summer in Fort Wayne, and they were a total hoot. Click it for a zoom.

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they have wiener dog races??? i’m booking tix now! (great piece)

I think these are some of your most fun work in a long time for clients. When is the book due? Will it be available retail? These pieces are great. So much character. Way to go. db

Mike, wiener dog races are awesome. One of the coolest things is that everyone brings their wiener dogs to the races just as spectators, so their are wiener dogs as far as the eye can see.

Thanks Doug, the book is due sometime towards the end of the year. I’ll be sure to post when it’s available. They’re planning it as a series too, which is cool.

Hi! I am writing to ask your permission to use this picture on a t-shirt i want to have made for a small local 5 mile run/1 mile walk to benefit the humane society… i would keep the logo of on it, i just loved this picture and it would be so perfect for the t-shirts. just let me know.

What book? What book?

I have a dachshund and collect children’s books that have dachshunds as the main character. I must have that book! 🙂

Great site and pics. Glad I stumbled over here.

Alicia, I’m talking it over with my illustration rep and the author to see what we can do. Someone will get in touch with you soon.

Kellie, the book is called Happy Go Lucky and I think it’ll be published later this year. Check back here as I’ll be posting news on it’s publication date as I get it. You have a killer idea for a collection, love it!

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