This week’s DrawerGeeks was Game Shows.  I don’t know why I decided to go with this, other than it was fun frying an egg and flopping it on the scanner. Read on to see some making of stuff.

First up is the sketch. Sharpie on copier paper.

Next up I fried an egg. Then I scanned it in at about 3,000 dpi.

Here’s the egg as it’s getting incorporated into the illustration.

And here’s a little video showing the process I used in photoshop to put it together.

[flv:https://www.breadwig.com/uploads/illustration/drawergeeks/gameshow/friedeggfrenzy-breadwig.com.flv 600 430]

The final illustration again.

Blog Comments

“Tell ’em what they’ll win Johnny!”

Man, I’d love to be on that show…. although it’s pretty rough if you miss the super gravy bonus round.

you are so, so awesome, bryan.

love that video music!

I am married to a man who puts fried eggs on sensitive, technologically advanced devices. Yep.

Jen, you love it and you know it.

Bryan- this one piece alone encapsulates the entirety of your creative career. And I mean that in the most complimentary of ways.


As Keith says, this piece really is the pinnacle of your food-on-sensitive technology experimentations.
Bravo, sir. Bravo.

haha, you are such a genious, Bryan. 🙂 You were the king this time, no doubt.

I wish this game was really on tv so I could watch it. Also now I want to eat fried eggs! Fancy work all round!

Bryan without a scanner is like a summer day without sunshine!
Hey, in response to your comment regarding that new illustration. It’s BIG ….28 ” sQUARE, JUST ABOUT! I just fedexed it off a few hours ago! 🙂

Killer drawing!–even though I’m a scrambled egg guy!
The texture looks sweet especially against your loose, thick black lines!

Paul, I’ve never scanned in any gravy. Yet.

Mike, ya, that music will eat your brain.

Jen, you’re the one who told me not to cook it over easy.

Keith, are you saying my career is fried?

Brian, I just wish I could actually have a career of food experimentation. Right now it’s still only a hobby. Food bombs ho!

Muffin, thanks!

Sarah, if only. If only.

Jody, yes, scanners are so much fun. Holy moly that painting is big.

Andy, hmmm. Scrambled eggs. Samurai. hmmm.

Hands down the best of the year so far for truly outside of the box (or shell) thinking. I need to build a monument to you sir. Yes, a monument.

thanks Doug. Boxes, who needs ’em.

OMG! eggs on a scanner… very corageous, very brave.
amazing art as a result!!! BRAVO SIR BRYAN!

This is fun…creativity….Great!

Hey, thanks Juby.

Hahaha. I can`t believe you actually scanned a fried egg. I bet that scanner was real messy afterwards… lol

Were you just grabbing screen shots on your Fried Egg (loved it) video, or do you have some kind of funky utility that occasionally grabs a frame? I’d love to show some kids how I work, and time-lapse would be a wonderful least-time-invested way to do it.
Keep up the Juan Der Fool work!

Hey Mikey! Wow, your work is great, I love your cartoons and illustrations. I used a program called Camtasia. It records whatever you’re doing on screen and makes it into a movie. For this particular one, I just had tons of photoshop layers and just turned them all on in order and Camtasia recorded it for me. And then I panned around and zoomed in and out of the image. Pretty simple.

Cool! Thanks for the info and kind words. BTW, i can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrapped my scanner with plastic wrap before a project. I think it’s sign of genius, eh? FOOD TEXTURES ROCK!

Yowza, you are far more advanced than I. I just slap whatever right onto the scanner and clean up afterwards with windex and paper towels. I do the same thing in the microwave!

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