Character Dump

A buncha random characters. Who are they? Where are they from? Where are they going? What drives their inscrutable motivations? Click more for the whole gang.


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i like that first bird the most…i feel like he’s about to do something…but what?

I really love the third dog with the brow. That look of “we are not amused”. I get that quite a bit at work… and at home… and with my parents… and from my dog…

The first birdie with the long beak and the incontinence expression* is the best!!!!
and it looks like a crow to me! Hurray for crows!
(*all birds have this expression in my opinion, especially those above your head…)

While I too was moved deeply by the first bird in line, his popularity so far moves me to give some mad props to the joyous man with the subtly moth-like proboscis nose.

Jeremy, I’m not sure he even knows. All he knows is that something must be done.

Doug, YES! I get that look daily. Sometimes hourly.

Bruna, ha! A seagull once had that expression above my head out in Seattle.

Adam, thanks! Yes, they both have some interesting “beaks” going on.

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