Bread Wigs

Yep. I’m talking real wigs made out of bread. Scott Urban, who makes the most awesome glasses carved out of wood, vinyl records, etc.,  got inspired by my breadwig logo. He has now started making actual wigs out of bread. Here he is making his first one:

And here are a couple anonymous models showing off the brilliance of a literal bread wig.

Make sure you check out Scott’s site, for the most killer specs you’ll ever see.

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hahaha! this is so, so good to hear.

be kinda weary to eat one though…

Love this. I hope those are caraway seeds in yours.

if you fall, when your breadwig hits the ground, will it hit jelly side up?

That is brilliant. I love bread. And I love wigs. Ecstasy!

Mike, I am hoping that Scott and I can branch out into a number of different pastry based rugs. A waffle Toupee is definitely on my list.

Doug, I use peanutbutter as toupe adhesive.

Josh, yes, the best of two good for you worlds

Awwwh! I don’t know wich is the best, the wig made of bread or the photo poses for the breadwig catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for adults and kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I doubt that anything could be more marketable than wigs made out of bread. You’re going to the top buddy boy.

And to think, I can say I knew him when…

My my.. that is one handsome looking anonymus model that I dont recognize at all there at the bottom. Who can he be! I’ll pay the double of whatever they are giving him, I’ll dress him up in a muffin wig!

Bruna, I’m hoping there’s more to come!

Jim, when I’m rich and famous, I’ll be sure to toss you a crumb.

Mette, muffin wigs!!! Scone toupees! It’s all good!

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