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maaaaan.. I still don’t know how you get this expressive thick black lines on your drawings… I’ve tried here, and let’s just say it… didn’t…. work….quite….so much… ok! it sucks here! allright?!! happy now?!!! ….
aaaanywayss… love the hair on this one, Bryan.
awesome as always.

Thanks Bruna. I think I am happy that you can’t draw like me. You are much better off. 🙂

Yet another fine example of your quirky drawing style and a rather intriguing verse in the Old Testament. Each one is interesting in its own right.

A fine point I’ve noticed about Leviticus…it’s part etiquette guide and part cookbook, with some smiting thrown in for good measure. This passage carries some wonderful specificity, and I find its ominous overtones a nice fit to the protagonist’s expression of trepidation.


Aaah, a verse worth memorizing! (and illustrating, as you so aptly showed us)

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