Happy Frog

And who doesn’t love a happy frog?

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Happy or Sad,
Jumpy or Mad,
we all loooove froggies!
it’s a little green song, that you can all sing along!
great frog drawing, Bryan! They are very lovable Amphibians indeed!
and they can always pop up as young handsome princes too… you never know with frogs….

Awww…this drawing made me all hoppy inside.

oh my goodness I love this. it does make me happy. and that is like moving a mountain sometimes. this is so fun to look at.

Characters like this always make people smile. I imagine this frog likes ice cream… A LOT!

Just a hunch.

Thanks for sharing!

Bruna, wow, a song is born! You need to be writing children’s picture books and then illustrating them.

Jim, thanks for jumping in with the comment, I won’t froget it.

Doug, that makes my day.

Booples, thanks for visiting and for the kind words!

I love a happy frog that looks like a human!

Well, I’m still waiting to hear the answer to Bryan’s question: “And who doesn’t love a happy frog?”

C’mon, show yourselves.


Nikki, you must be pretty cool.

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