Figgy in the Woods

Haven’t posted much of my photography lately, so I guess it’s time. Here’s our dog Figbert tracking something down in the woods behind our house. Click for a bigger pic.

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That looks totally fake, like a studio shot… In a good way.

I love this. Man that dog is on a serious trail. Your photography is just so rich in story.

Brian, yeah, the sun was going down and the lighting was perfect for stage kind of look, with the trees casting shadows directly back onto the hill and trees behind.

Doug, Figbert’s not the brightest bulb, but he’s got a great sniffer. He can smell moles under the ground and digs them up.

Great pic! I very much like the lighting, and now I want a dog more than ever.

Oww man. I love your photos so much. Words fail me…

Hey Thanks Ian! Dogs are the best.

Bruna, that means a lot!

I feel that I must echo many of the sentiments about this picture. It compositionally very sturdy. One of the things that I always love about nature shots is texture, and this picture has it in spades. The smooth of the snow, countered by frenetic collection of trees and branches, and mediated by Figbert’s coat is simply brilliant.

thanks Jonathan. Coming from someone of your artistic eye, that means a lot.

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