Spec, I can’t stop the specs.

Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop putting glasses on all my drawings. Click more, for lots more. Help me, please.


What kind of bespectacled beast is this?  Some sort of whiskered lump mole I guess.


Glasses make the man. Or the woman. Or whichever this is.


I feel sorry for this fancy dog. It deserves fancy frames. I made myself feel better by giving it a smile.


Normally glasses would rest on a person’s nose, or beak as the case may be.   Clearly this bird is not normal.


Is he in an exercise class, or lying on the floor looking at the ceiling. Don’t hurt yourself deciding.


I can finally “see” the cheese. That is not enough. I must “feel” the cheese. Must must.


What the heck is this guy’s problem? Yeesh. Too much wind shear I guess.


Another pig with glasses, whoopty poop on a loop.


Why would I draw this? I don’t know. That didn’t stop me from putting glasses on it however.


I wish I had glasses this big. I don’t wish the sides of my head disappeared behind my lenses however.


Blog Comments

Dude, that’s really cool. I don’t know what it is about spectacles, but they’re great.

These are so great. Your specs fashion sense is so “now”. Why is it that glasses give a bit more character to something, even a peanut butter sandwich? That top one is so cool. Love them all, but that top one, the whiskered lump mole, is really different. The last one is a real favorite too, just classic Bryan.

perhaps you should see an optometrist about this, bryan? please, as your friend, seek some help…

I think I’ve seen that wind-shear dude at a Wal-mart once. He was one of those guys whose job is to push the grocery carts back into the store. At one point, a traffic snafu developed, and he morphed into a traffic cop, trying to direct traffic in a very authoritative manner. We haven’t been back since.

Hey Josh, thanks bud. I’ve always throught glasses improved my own face to no end.

Doug, yeah, I think the mole might be my favorite too.

Mike, I want to stop, but I’m just not seeing clearly.

Dan, maybe he was a traffic cop who likes to push grocery carts? Who knows, best to be safe.

Heavens to Murgatroy, I’m in awe. Glasses are so hard to draw.

On a person, they connect so thoroughly and on such a personal level, they see inextricably linked to one’s physiology, and instantly communicative of one’s demeanor (like, I look like chubby vacuum salesman with them on, but not unlike a young Buster Crabb when they’re off).

On a dog, well, heck. That’s just genius.

Un-freakin’-believable!!! I spent lots and lots of minutes deciding wich one is my favourite. Hard job, I tell you… but I have to go with the rat. Rats in Specs are just plain awesome. He ‘must feel the cheese’ is priceless. Must. Must. LOL! Poor little bugger… 😀
ps. I’m a little ashamed now, with my non-post-activity this past month…

The guy with his arms out is clearly exercising. The frantic arm rotations are causing that tuft of hair to blow to his left. That tuft of hair, if he was lying down motionless and staring, mind you, could not and would not be blowing to his left but would fall back because of gravity and what not. You see Bryan, there are certain immutable laws in this universe which cannot be broken apart from divine intervention, which I am assuming is not happening here. Think about it. God has much more important miracles to involve himself in. How is he going to get glory out of making this poor bloke’s tuft blow to his left whilst laying on the floor motionless and staring at the ceiling? Owww man! I think I pulled a brain muscle deciding. Next time I listen to the man when he warns the people. I hope.

Y’know, it HAS been a while since he’s had his eyes checked. Dude’s had his current pair of glasses held together with duct and/or electrical tape for some months now. . . HONEY, GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR!!!!

Adam, thanks! My glasses are clearly linked to my demeanor. Falling apart, barely held together, antiquated, etc.

Bruna, yeah, the rat’s one of my favorites too. He’s like a little cheese zombie. I have been checking your site regularly, hoping for new posts…

Jim, I tried to warn you. But did you take my advice? Noooooo. I expected nothing less! 🙂

Jen, I have a plan, trust me, I have a plan.

Whoopity poop on a loop? Although a pig with glasses and a goatee is pretty worthy of such loopi-poopiness! He would look right at home at a poetry club. Snap for the pig!
You’ve been holding your glasses together with electric tape? And Jen has to visit your blog to tell you to go to the eye doctor? Is this a normal occurance?

Haha, this makes me wish i had glasses. 😛

WOW! I am a total nerd and I LOVE glasses. Thank you SO much for this website it rox!

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