Dye Know Soar

For the latest Drawer Geeks. Yep, dinosaurs was the topic.  Click it for a bigger version.

Here’s the original sketch. 



And a few in close crops.

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oooh…this guy’s nice. I see you buried yourself in the same amount of exhaustive research that I did. The seismic activity is quite pleasing, yet I dare say his orthodontia is truly the bomb.

he looks like a giant cookie! i don’t know whether to be afraid of him or just eat him before he does me.

The stiff, searching arms… the sunken, glassy eyes… either he’s a zombie dinosaur, or he’s searching for his lost specs. Poor guy!

Adam, yeah, I realize I may have gotten a few proportions wrong, but I think I nailed the color.

Mike, now that you mention it, he does look lemony and delicious.

Dan, dinosaurs and spectacles, oh boy, I feel a new sketching theme coming on…

The teeth really caused me fear. those are some serious choppers. Then Mike mentioned the cookie, and… well now I think he is delicious looking.

Bryan – you need to let me know how the Pilaf of Death comes out!

What’s the story on the t-shirts? I want the Merlin one. C’mon, I want to buy a t-shirt from you – hook a brother up!

By the way, cool dino in this post – love the teeth. I was in DC for a week a few years ago, and ended up visiting the t-rex skeleton at the Smithsonian every day because it was so cool.

I don’t care what anyone says, he scares the hell out of me.

A delicious- lemony- cookie- looking- zombie- walking- dinosaur. Wow.

Doug, fear and tastiness. Like salty and sweet.

Tyson, the Pilaf is slated for dinner on thursday night. I got all the ingredients yesterday. As for shirts, I’m in the process of getting them to remove the shirts from Threadless so I can start selling them myself, I’ll post when they’re up!

Josh, I’m not surprised, ever since “the cookie” incident.

Bruna, DLCLZWD’s are one of my favorite things to draw!

I’m one of your newest fans, very creative – – almost want to see him in action.

Thanks James!

`i laughed 10 minutes on this sketch … shit …. so cool … awesome 😀

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