Dinosaur Rejects

A dinoload of alternate dinosaur sketches. It goes to show you how many drawings I sometimes have to go through before I get just the right one. Holy smokes! Click more for the whole pile, if you dare.




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Ooooh, scary dinos! The one with the tie looks like someone I worked for a long time ago – he, too, was fond of pointing randomly and looking agitated…

ah! i love that brontosaurus!

Dinolicious! I really like the alluring stegowatzitus.

These are great! And you know how much I love Dinos.

They are ALL AWESOMEEEEE!!!!! They are all the right ones!!!
good luck picking one up!

You must not be a very good artist if it takes you so many attempts to come up with something you like.

Dan, I worked for someone who pointed agitatedly and looked random, but that’s another story.

Mike, yeah, I almost did the full illustration of him, it was close.

Adam, I think you need to add an alluring stegowatzitus to your dino book. You can credit me in the back.

Aaron, still one of the best windup toys ever.

Bruna, Ha, thanks! 🙂

Brian, there are plenty of other good reasons why I’m not a very good artist. But thanks, I’ll add that to the list!

these are really cool. I like them all. I really like to see how many people gravitate to different images as their favorites. I like the smoking one and the brontosaurus and the ones in ties as my favorites, and the one on one foot, and the steowatzitus. ohhh, I love the soap bar shaped one. He is my new favorite.

Thanks Doug. Wouldn’t it be awesome to design soap on a rope characters? Talk about a dream job.

i really love your drawings! i thought i might tattoo one of these dinosaur’s cause i’ve wanted a cartoon dinosaur for months now but i haven’t found what i’ve wanted until i saw these! you’re great. would it be alright if i tattooed one of these?

I love those drawings! They’re really kewl, ever considered putting in any colour, though?

Thank Bibi. Coloring them is a great idea. I’m going to add that to my mental 2-do list. Maybe when I want to try out a new coloring technique or something.

hey i was wondering if i could use one of theses dinasours as a logo for my youtube?

(im gonna be starting it soon, i could credit you if you want)

Hey Luke, what kind of videos are you going to have on your youtube channel?

I’m an aspiring artist, and have a dinosaur obsession at the moment.
These ones have made my day!

Jane, I prefer to think that we’re all artists in process! Thanks for the kind comments!

Hey Bryan, I just used a couple of your dinosaur drawings to make a birthday card for a dinosaur loving little girl I know, she really liked it. I colored them using Paint Shop Pro. You might try coloring them that way, use flood fill with a low tolerance setting and it gives them a nice crayon-colored look.

Thanks Gregg!

Would you be willing to sell the rights to one of ur drawings?

I was wondering the same thing as Will. Would ya would ya? =)

Hello! Love the dino drawings! My Earth & Sky club would like to use one of your dino illustrations as a logo on our shirts. What can I do to get permission to do this?

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