robots, bunnies, oh my

Here’s some character design and illustration for a web based animated show.  These are a few stills from the show. The gist is that everything is made out of popsicle stick puppets. You heard me, the gist. Click on MORE for ze rest.


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Is this show online yet? Where? It looks fun.

Wow! I gotta see these. Will you let us know where to find this gem? I love it.

It’s eventually going to air here: I’ll have to post again when it’s there.

I do love me a gist.

And hi-tech animations of low-tech animations? Man, you’re so post-modern my head just exploded.

Adam, sorry bout that. I’ll get you some brain glue, and you’ll be good as new.

I teach elementary art and want to share these images with my students, we are making popsicle stick puppets ourselves. Is that okay with you? Id love to see more if you’ve got um. Thanks.

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