Wiener Dog Nationals

Yep, we went to the Wiener Dog Nationals yesterday. Great fun seeing those little guys race. Our favorite wiener dog name of the day was definitely “Mr. Cooper B. Pickles”.  I snapped quite a few of the little fellows. Click “MORE” to see the rest. Click on each for a bigger version.




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Awesome photos and a fantastic video! Great stuff. We blogged your work at ‘The Long and Short of it All.’ Hope you like it.

Joey and Maggie

Hey thanks Joey and Maggie! Love your blog, really really fun!

oh i so do love the wiener dogs. 🙂

hot dogs on a track!!!!!! \o/

wow, those are so cute. great work my friend.

Mike, I don’t blame you. They are cute lil’ buggers.

Bruna, those short fellows can really book!

Doug, thanks, front row seats at the wiener dog races is the way to go.

Hi, bryan I’m from Korea.
I found your web-site through google search.
I breed a doxie and love dachshunds very much ^0^
Can I upload this video clip to my blog?
I want to show this to my friend in Korea.
reply plz.

Hi Krang, you can use the video on your blog as long as you give me credit and link back to my site. Dachshunds are so great!


thanks for a guick reply.
the link is

I add this web-site to my favorites.
Though my english skill is not good,
I like your grreat work and illustration, too.
haha 🙂

No problem Krang. And thanks for the kind words!

Just found your website during a slow day at work. I’ll browse more later, but so far I’m in love with your stuff! I just laughed myself silly at the video. 🙂

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