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I just finished inking a new comic for the next volume of the Parable comic anthology. Hoo boy, was that ever fun!  Now it’s on to coloring.  Anyway, here’s one panel from it. I’ll be posting some more from it soon.

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I was going to ask whether the first one had shipped yet, but decided to check the Parable page first. I’m looking forward to it!

Bryan – are you going to Comic-con in July? You should be there selling t-shirts and prints! I’ll buy some.

love this. it is indeed sassy.

Oh my gosh, – you’ve come this far already? Am I the only one struggling with this?
Have your got any person tips for me, Bryan? How to sneak by the brain stoppers? You have my e-mail. 😛


Tyson, I will be there! Are you going? It’d be fun to actually meet. I don’t know if I’ll have shirts or prints, I’m going to try, but we’ll see. I don’t actually have a booth, unless the Viper comics folks let me hang out at theirs.

Doug, thanks for your feedback and encouragement, a big help.

Mette, I just posted the entire inked comic to the Parable forum, I’d love your feedback on it. Tips. Hmmm. I also suffer from having a hard time getting going on this stuff. Dunno if it’ll be much help, but I’ll I’ll zing you an email with some stuff that helps me get going, helps me from getting stalling at mental road blocks, etc.

I’ll probably be there Friday, and maybe Thursday. (I should have that all hammered out this evening, actually.) We should arrange to meet up.

And if you’re bringing t-shirts, I can guarantee the sale of an XXL Merlin. Just sayin’.

I’ll be there friday and saturday! Let’s definitely meet up. I’ll try a get some shirts going, not sure if I’ll be able to this time.

Hey Bryan!

I haven’t had a chance to stop by the Parable forum lately, but I see I must! I’m so excited that you did another story. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂


Hey Sarah, welcome back! I hope everything’s going well. Yeah, stop by the forum and let me know what you think, the whole inked story is there. I’ll be posting some color studies soon.

Bryan – I just nailed it down – I’m going to be at Comic-con on Friday. Let’s meet in front of the Viper booth at noon on Friday. Let me know if this works for you.

Hey, in other news, I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new website with a couple of my friends called Attention Deficit Fiction. The idea is that we will post short short stories (300 words or less) six times a week (or more). So far, Danny and Pieter have put a couple of really good ones up there, and I’ve done a few myself.

This is primarily a writing exercise – just something for us to work on our chops. But we also
hope that other people enjoy them, too, so check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.

Tyson, Viper Booth, Noon on Friday, got it! Great site, btw. Was the name at all influenced by the band Attention Deficit? I love their stuff.

Bryan – no, I hate to admit, I’d never heard of them. And it’s got Alex Skolnick (from Testament) on guitar – that guy is awesome! I’ll have to check them out.

The name just came from all the stories being so short (300 words or less is our rule).

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