Peltie in living color

Well, the specific character Peltie (the star of my new comic Peltie of the Wiggy Woods) hasn’t actually been colored yet, but Schmoops and Huggzy are there.  Anyway, here’s the first page colored for my comic for Vol. 2 of the Parable graphic novel anthology. I hope it leaves you wanting for more. If not, hey that’s ok too.

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I, for one, loves it. 🙂

This speaks directly into my own life, for I too need a “righteous and glamorous noggin muff”.

This looks fun.

Prodigious and Indubidous, indeed dear Ballinger. more am I wanting.

SUPER FUNNNN!! the dialogue: priceless!

so exciting to see. This is something I am really looking forward to seeing.

Chris, thanks! And so cool to see some of your writing in the Lesley Alumni newsletter!

Tyson, name me one person who doesn’t!

Brian, I’ll be posting some more, but unfortunately at this point, I can’t post the whole thing, at least until it’s published.

Bruna, ha, thanks! I let myself go on the dialog. I wish I could speak like that all day. I would you know.

Doug, more to come!

Norah Jones doesn’t.

Genius. Mean it 🙂

XD I love the speech, and I’m definitely going to coin that “glamorous noggin muff” phrase! Still, I miss all of your 3D stuff. =/

Oh man, only one page and already so many quotable lines. How is your genius contained without incinerating all of Indiana?

Tyson, you are correct sir. Norah Jones doesn’t. You found the one flaw in my theory.

Liz, Thanks! I’ve been calling it bumbling happenstance, but I’ll take genius.

Alden, there’ll be more 3d stuff coming down the pike. It’s turned into a mostly 2d comic summer, so I’ll be itching to do some more 3d stuff soon I’m sure.

Josh, I may need to get you sneak peek at the final comic me thinks. If you’ll be at the san diego comic con, you’ll get to see it!

Woah nelly. I really do need to know what happens next. A parade without wigs? It would be like, like, like crashing your ’71 Pinto without the benefit of an explosion.


Your work rocks just as much – no, more! – as it did in our MFA program.


Thanks Cheryl!

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