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Haven’t posted in quite a bit, been swamped getting Peltie inked and colored and putting together a comic or two to bring to the Sandiego Comic Con. I’m finally done though, whew!  So, to celebrate, here’s a bunch of elephant sketches.

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Dude! Dude! You have to save copies for me – don’t sell everything on Thursday!

You’re going to Comic Con? Another reason I wish I could go. Someday I’ll get my comic going and have an excuse…

Have fun!

Tyson, Ha, I’ll save you some. I’m guessing you’ll be my only customer. 🙂

Hey Chris, it’s not too late!

Well, the other part is that “someday” I’ll have the money. I don’t right now, unfortunately.

Some days I can’t wait until I get done with my novel so that I can get back to comic books and/or graphic novels, which were the first things I wrote (and drew, back in the day), way before I started trying to do straight-up all-text adult fiction.

That second El Efant looks like he’s pretty stewed about something. Must be those darn monkeys stealing his peanuts again. Curse you, thieving monkeys!!!

love the elephants. so expressive. Good luck at comic-con. from what I have heard on the pod casts and seen on the blogs, everybody is going. So it should be a good time with the masses.

Okay, I read the part about you bringing stuff to Comic-con, and got so excited that I forgot to look at the drawings. Dugbuddy’s comment above surprised me – Bryan drew elephants? Cool!

And they are cool. Hey, a few weeks ago I wrote a story featuring a bunch of elephants called Three Words. I likes me some elephants.

I’m ilustrating a book and in one page we got a pair of elephants too! coincidence?? I think not! it’s elephant world week!!!!! awesome El-phants Bryan! me likes the first one best!!!!! he’s cute. xD

Bryan –

I’m a little nervous about showing this to a real artist, but check out my latest blog post: Hello. I posted a photo of a painting of mine, with some shots of the process I did to get there.

Chris, I can’t wait to see what you do with comics!

Dan, stewed elephants aren’t as good as they sound.

Doug, I wish you were going, now that would be a true comic con.

Tyson, cool story! Brickalicious. I’ll check out your painting too.

Bruna, when do I get to see your elephants?!?!?

My chubby ones are at layout stages. not presentable yet…

Hey Brian… when you get back I want to buy you a fine coffee drink at Coffee Divine and hear all about Comic Con… seriously…

Bruna, I can’t wait….

Dennis, it’s a deal!

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