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I just got my comics that I’ll be bringing to the Sandiego Comic-Con. Mostly I’ll be giving them away to publishers, but I’ll be up for maybe selling a few too. Anyway, they came out pretty swell, click on the MORE link to see the rest.

I also printed up a couple portfolio books to just show around.

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Uber cool! Who did the printing for you? Best of luck with these…

Crazy violence may ensue if you don’t sell one of each to me!

Or, more likely, I may just begin weeping silently.

Either way, why risk it?

those turned out great! 😀

congrats! they look awesome!

Oh my goodness. I am the most jealous person in the world that you are going to Comic-Con! You must visit the PvP table for me… *.*

Mikey, I used and they turned out really nice.

Tyson, I’m scared of both!

Mike, thanks! I’m so jazzed you’re going too. Very cool.

Bruna, thanks! After the con I may try and self publish one. We’ll see.

Jimi, I’ll do my best to make the rounds!

hey! seems good!!
I’d love to meet you @ con!!
and please trade my book!

please mail me your phone#!!
maybe you already find my phone# at my blog!!
see ya!!

The Post-It-Note doodle wars go on the rampage! Viva la revolucion!!

Marty, it will fun to finally meet!

Keith, once you let them out, they can never go back in!

what a great selection. Love the portfolio best, no, the black and white one ups… no the comic, I just can’t make a decision. I like them all best.

I MUST HAVE SOME OF THESE!….I guess I could ask nicely.

Hey whats up man? Could I buy chance get any of these?


I’m hoping to have some available through my site really soon, I’ll letcha know once they’re there!

these look totally wicked!! please let us know when they are available to purchase!!

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