Photos from Comic-Con!

 I just got back from the San Diego Comic-Con, it was a blast. Some great panels and lectures, I met some really cool publishers, and of course a lot of amazing artists. I also took some pictures.  🙂 Click on MORE for a whole bunch.

I loved this robot dude. Mostly because he reminded me of the Robot Bastard.

This Joker costume was the best. He started walking towards me and creeped me out big time.



A view out the window of my hotel room. Bye bye Comic-Con. Maybe I’ll see you again some year I hope.

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Man, that Cap rocks!…and the Joker is WAY scary. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Man, it’s so hard to say which pic is my favorite — there’s so many awesome people and you took some great shots.

I swear that next year I’m going dressed as Grendel. Or maybe Wonder Woman.

Yance, yeah. The Captain was so cool, he went around letting kids hold his shield while mom or dad took pictures. A real nice guy.

Josh, thanks bud. How about Grendel Woman?

It was awesome getting to meet you, Bryan. Love the comics I got from you, too! Is it okay if I post a scan of the sketch you did for me on my blog?

By the way, there was another Joker there wearing the nurses uniform that Heath Ledger has briefly in The Dark Knight – I thought that guy had the best costume of the show.

Tyson, ya sure, go ahead and post the sketch! It was fun meeting you too and talking guitar players.

Awesome pictures, Bryan. I can’t wait to get out to Comic-Con some day. Looks like you had a good time.

Thanks Chris. It was a good time. I think you would really dig it.


Great catching up with you at the con. Since Cath & I forgot our camera, we will be sending people here.

Wonderful shot of the Stormtrooper holding his helmet — you can feel the weight of too many days dressed up hanging on this dude.

Sean, indeed! It was so great seeing you and Catherine again. I wish we all lived closer.

Oh Maaaaan, this photos are so awesome!
the angles, the composition, the light, the expressions captured…
best convention shots EVER!!!
when I think you can’t come up with better photos, you do this.

Bryan –
I finally got my San Diego post up, including a scan of your sketch. Thanks for that!

the shots are fantastic. Love the one in the link. Great. I have been living through everybody’s posts all week. You were right all along. I should have gone. Now I know.

awesome photos man… i cant believe how awesome some of those costumes were! i dont read comic books (i guess thats no longer true, im reading the Watchmen at the moment) but these pics totally make me want to! Looks like so much fun!

Bruna, garsh, thanks! There were so many photo ops there, it was great.

Tyson, thanks for posting that on your site.

Doug, next year buddy. Next year.

Leslie, thanks! Yeah, there were some really great costumes, and the folks wearing them were clearing having a lot of fun.

Hey,my Name is B.J. and I am the Joker in your pictures here. I love your photography skills. Is there anyway i can order prints of these pictures??

Hey, no way! Man, you had the best costume of the show. I’ll email you about prints, etc.

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