Monkey Reject

Can you believe this cute little fellow I did for a freelance project got rejected? Oh the chimpanity. Actually he didn’t fit the story line, so it’s no wonder he got tossed. Back to the jungle for you buddy.

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One of my favorite Breadwig posts right here, folks.

I mean, c’mon, MONKEY!

That’s just cool.

An unemployeed monkey??? Don’t send him back to the jungle — surely there MUST be a position he can fill somewhere! He could be a banana tester. Maybe some company could employ him to chuck dung at CEOs when the company stock tanks. Or he could go into business for himself — he could start his own bug-removal (and eating) service. Hollywood would be at his beck and call. “Excuse, Mr. Monkey, William Shatner needs to have his toupee debugged — it’s for the Oscars! Please, you gotta help!!!” The possibilities are endless!

How could he not fit the storyline?!? What story could possibly NOT have a monkey in it? I mean, even the Bible was full of monkeys…right?

Tyson, thanks bud!

Dan, I vote for the dung chucker.

Josh, there were monkeys on the ark…right?


Possibly the best word ever.
Thank you Mr. Ballinger.

I’m agree! … ah … with … hmmm … ah … with Monkey! yeah! that cute monkey! 😀

I LOVE MONKEYS!! how could they reject that cute face?

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