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Abominable Snowman was the theme for Drawergeeks this week.ย Where else would a Yeti be more at home than a vintage household magazine? ย At least that was my “thinking”.

Lots and lots of making of stuff if’n you click on the morelink. Click the image for some super yeti-zoom action.

Here’s my original sketch for my Yeti. I was attempting to get a vacant, yet vaguely nauseated expression. It’s a good thing I have a mirror.

Then I started modeling his body, blocking it in. Simple forms for a simple yeti.

Upping the resolution of the model I started sculpting his lumpies. I highly advise avoiding that phrase in casual conversation.

Here’s the model shaded. Yeah buddy!

Modeling his comestibles came next. In his case a Santa leg with a bite taken out. They’re actually quite tasty, if a bit fatty.

Here’s the snowy hills for the background. Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Here’s the first pass at rendering the character in the scene. “What?” you say. But, but.. this is in color. Yeah, I tried him in color. Don’t worry, all the color will be sucked out of him later.

Here’s the occlusion pass. What is an occlusion pass you ask? Well, it kind of puts little shady areas where objects are right next to each other.

Can you tell what’s different in this frame? Bingo! Yes, I started blurring the background as it gets farther way from the camera to give it some more depth.

And here I threw in some haze. I’m always slinging it around, you’d think it was free or something.

And to give it that festive vibe, I sprinkled some snowy bits here and there.

Now here’s where I converted it to a monochromatic-esque, sepia-ish image so it would look more at home in an old magazine. Click it for a zoomy version.

Finally, I started scanning in various parts of pages from old magazines so I could piece them together into a page that the Yeti could settle down into like a bag of old bones easing into a warm bath of epsom salts.

And here’s the final illustration once again. A bigger version is just a click away.


Blog Comments

Heeeey! he is not abominable! he is lovely! cute! you’re wrong man!
Btw I’ll suggest some of Santa offers (I mean those boxes and staff!) around him!
and about the occlusion thingy you just explained! I have a question! so what is the “little shady areas where objects are right next to each other” ?! hmmm?!
Hey btw what the hell is that food explained in mag?! It’s not Delicious at all with sugar! try it with salt then you’ll know!

flat out the best of the week. Greatest yeti ever.

Oh my Gawd! poor guy, eaten by an Yeti… it does looks delicious tough… feet popcicle, nhami! ๐Ÿ˜€

love the snowy hills on the background, but in the last version they kinda disappear a little, pity, they look cool! (pun intended!) ๐Ÿ˜‰
great Yeti Bryan!

Mim, thanks! Hmmm, how can I explain occlusion better. I know, the dictionary! Here’s the official definition from “The act of occluding, or the state of being occluded.” Hmmm, less than helpful huh? It’s basically where objects get darker the closer they get together. Something like that.

Doug, Thanks man, I thought exactly the same of yours. And it was a competitve week too, lots of good’uns

Bruna, yeah, it does bring new meaning to the phrase Popsicle Toes!

Great effort my friend!

ahh! now it makes sense! tnx dude! I like “the state of being occluded”!
btw can I ask the meaning of words I dunno, next time(s) here then?!
and hey! like that things you called Robots! that sounds beepy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jim, thanks buddy!

Mim, Ya, ask any questions you want!

Wow…I missed looking at your wacky ideas. haha This is great! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ha, thanks Cristina! Glad to have you back.

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