Drawn to Frogs

Woo Hoo! I got a mention on DRAWN! To celebrate, I give you a frog. After dogs, I don’t think I have another thing I enjoy drawing more than frogs. Well, maybe drooling pigs. And guys shooting lasers/fire/energy beams out of their hands.

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Congrats on the Drawn mention Bryan!!

Have you ever thought about combining all your loves into one uber image? Dogs, frogs, drooling pigs.. AND guys shooting lasers/fire/energy beams out of their hands? I think it could rival the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in sheer awesomeness (at least the album cover to Houses of the Holy). If I were Pope, or Jimmy Page, I’d surely commission it.

congrats Bryan, keep em coming more lovely creatures! 😉


I’m with Yancy Street: let’s see an image that combines all of your obsessions. That would rock!

Congrats on being mentioned on Drawn. Very, very cool.

Congrats. You did it bro! Now that you stand at the mecca of your career, looking down the mountain at all your sweat and accomplishments, where to now? Your adoring public needs to know.

Yance, I’m on it!

Mim, more creatures will be coming, whether I want them to or not!

Chris, thanks bud. My hits for the day went up more than 10 times. Yikes!

Jim, My next goal is to get mentioned on Slate.com. Or Rocketboom. Whichever comes first.

Found your site through Drawn. Great content! Just an FYI, there’s no on your index page =T, not search engine friendly / bookmark friendly… just a thought.

You are a fountain of inspiration and I am loving it that you are sharing your techniques. You sir, rock the casbah.

dc, thanks! Yeah, no index page on my blog. Should still bookmark fine tho.

Doug, sometimes I wonder why spend all the time doing the making of stuff, but it’s fun to share, so I’m going to keep doing it. 🙂

congratz Bryan! you deserve it!!!

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