The Milk Cow’s Poster

The Finnish Blues Band the Milk Cows asked me to help them with a poster based on my “last cow” illustration for their current tour, and here it is. (the blank space at the top is so they can add in whatever venue/dates they want for each show.) I decided to do it in the style I’ve been messing with lately. If you’re in Finland and want to see a great blues band, go check ’em out.

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OH man! That rocks! Which club are they playing at? I want to get ’em to autograph the poster!

sweet! what an awesome gig!

Love it!!! I love the torn paper look, fabulous!!!

That’s pretty awesome. I love the style.

Yance, ha! I’m not sure which clubs in Finland they’ll be playing, but when I find out, I’ll letcha know.

Mike, I want to go and check out one of their shows so bad.

Jody, Hey thanks! I used the cracked edges from a Household magazine from the 30’s.

Josh, thanks dude, I’m having fun with it. Compared to all the 3d stuff, this 2d stuff is so much more relaxing.

This is great. Such a wonderful solution, the torn paper… beautiful.

The torn paper really rocks! and the whole design of the poster is great!
really cool!

That’s awesome! Glad to see that cow show up again.

So the weirdest thing happened… remember the Moses Illustration I did? Well I named that The Last Moses, and then this group from finland called The Last Moses contacted me to do a poster for their tour… weird how that same thing happened to both of us. So do you know if these posters are gonna be available for purchase? Cause this is pretty sweet.

Doug, I use deteriorating household magazines from the 40’s. It’s really the best source.

Chris, who knows where he will show up next…?

Cevin, The Last Moses, aren’t they a disco/techno band from Guam? Maybe I’m thinking of something else. As for posters, stay tuned….

Hi Everyone,
We want to thank Bryan for making this poster for us,it’s already
been in use.We’re having gigs in Tampere and in Vasa on the West-Coast
of Finland. The poster is definitely something people see in the crowd
of ‘grey’ commercials and announcements.. ;-))
We like it and the theme is perfect for us…
If you want to listen to the band sounds, I’ve downloaded music from
records and even live recorded with laptop microphone.I called the laptop
recordings Lo-Fi recordings..The text is in Finnish but i’ll make an alternative
page on English soon..
Cheers! Welcome to Finland!

That rocks! You should take some pictures of the poster in different places and post it to your site, I’d love to see it!

Hi, now there is one.
Actually that is the poster.I just added the place and time etc.
And printed it out as A3 format by laser. It’s quite different
from all the old posters I’ve ever had with the band.Keep up the
good work!!
Have a nice day!

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