Season of the Yellow Bear

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Great piece. Love your color. This is such a great technique.

That’s hot man!!

you should make prints of some of these…i know i’d buy em

Doug, all those years of color theory classes, they gotta be useful for something.

Yance, Yellow Bear appreciates it, he says thanks.

Jeremy, I’m thinking about doing just that! Gotta find a good on demand service to work with though.

Hmm, you’ve achieved “Deep” and “Cute” in the same picture. A hard thing to do 😉

this sounds like the beginnings of a fantastic children’s book!

Liz, that compliment means a lot!

Mike, maybe it could make a cool comic sometime too… 🙂

but yellow bear has a snazzy polka dot bow tie- that’s got to help his existential crisis a bit.

CK, or maybe, the tie is the cause…

I love the caption to this one. It’s so…me.

I’m certain Yellow Bear has more to say. I do hope you can find a way to give him that chance.

Josh, me too my friend. Me too.

Thomas, I am certain you are right. I’m going to try and find a way to let Yellow Bear out of his cage more often.

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