Super + Green

Thought I’d re-light this bad boy. Make him a little more hip. A little more today.

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That’s just SUPER!

very hip, very today. may I dare say, very tomorrow!!!

I’m diggin the long curly cape and his “serious” almost depressed mouth line. It’s almost like he’s just so filled with ennui about the whole “flying” thing……but the position of the arms almost says, maybe he’s diggin it still.

Yance, tanks buddy.

Bruna, wow! I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that could be called “tomorrow”!

Jody, he is obviously dealing with a sublime innner conflict.

The relighting is really good. Bruna wins on the comment of the week… maybe the month.

Nice rim lighting on his hair, I love the detail in his face. Nice work B, out of all the 3D super heros I’ve seen re-lit today… This is the best!!!

Doug, thanks man. Bruna is the bomb, no doubt.
Cevin, knowing how much a fan you are of re-lit characters with big hair, that’s a big compliment!

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