Inhaling Silverfish

In honor of a new layout, I give you, a smoking bug!

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Wait! Where are the links to the archives??!?!? I was only up to June 2007!! I like the redesogn, nice and clean.

I`m loving the mixture of color in this one. 😉

I slapped the archives back up on the site, now that’s service!

Thanks Cristina!

The colors on this are so tasty. No, not tasty. um, I like the colors on this piece very much. Yes, yes I like them very much… but they are NOT tasty.

Weeeee! new blog design! very chique, very modern, very artistic! congratulations!
Hey! now we can find your comments in a blink of an eye, because you’re pink! 😀
And, Doug, I think the colors on this one are very smelly! wouldn’t say tasty, but definitly go for smelly! XD

Thanks Doug and Bruna. Yes. Smelly colors! Not fetid mind you, but not delicious either. I’ve got a few more blog layout tweaks to do, but I like where it’s going. Now you all need to get your own Gravatars!

Wow! Now *that’s* service!

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