Goose Stepping Out

That Mother Goose, what will she do next? Anyway, you’re in for a whole carriage full of process/making-of stuff!

An initial drawing of Mother G. I really liked her face, but the rest wasn’t quite working for me.

Here’s the final drawing. Much more protein, just the way I like it.

Here’s ten panels showing a bunch of the steps I used to color the illustration. I started with a yellow background just to set a color tone in my head. And we all know how painful that can be. Then I started coloring from the back and worked forward. After all the colors were in and the ink line was laid over the top, I added some dirt and paper texture to it, to make it a little less computeryishy. Finally I adjusted the colors back into a more yellowy space.

Here’s my dirt layers by themselves. I took some printer paper and stepped in some water, then stomped all over the paper with my dirty sneakers. Then I scanned that in and started masking it out using the different color layers for the selections.

And here’s the dirt layer composited with the paper texture layer.

I layered the dirty paper into the color layers and wala! (Click for a bigger version.)

Finally, here’s some close up zoomitage.

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Wow. Really loving it buddy… can we please see more stuff in this style. It’s a fresh cup’a coffee to me!

Man, I chain myself to the easel for a few weeks, and you go on a rampage. This work ethic of yours must cease

I’m digging the new rendering style; all the warmth and charm of cut paper, but utilizing a broken malt liquor bottle in lieu of scissors. In the mean time, I’ve emailed the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) as well as the Society for Ethical Poultry Treatment In Cartooning (SEPTIC), and filed the appropriate complaints with regard to this dastardly depiction of yours.

Yance, thanks! I’m hopin’ to do more. Maybe a giant monster or something.

Adam, don’t turn me in! I’ll reform, I promise! From now on it’s all snuggles and giggles, I swear!

Bingo!!! you have struck gold in them thar crinkles. Great way to adapt an entirely different visual on your world.

wow ballinger. game on.

Thanks Doug and Cevin. It’s funerrific, yessiree.

Eggs,$2 a scoop. HOOOOWEEEE that makes me laugh.

Brian, it’s cheap at half the price!

This made Stephen and I giggle quite a bit. Also it made me want to scramble up some eggs. Fine work Brian! 🙂

Thanks Sarah! I’ve always said, you can never have too many scrambled eggs.

Somehow, this just seems gross. lol Scooping up eggs…ewww

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