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So I finally saw the movie The Fall. And there was much to love (including the interplay of story and imagination between a grown man and a little girl). It has become one of my favorite movies. The imagery was so inspirational that I decided to write down some of my thoughts on the design, composition of shots, and the use of color. If you’d like to take a look-see, click on this here link or the image above. Remember, these are just my thoughts on stuff, and like, what do I know anyways? (Tarsem Singh forgive me.)

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I also love this movie. Alice and I saw it at the indie theater (we were the only people there) and it blew our minds away. If you’ve only seen it on DVD, then now you have a good reason to steal a video projector from someone. I might add that the music was perfect, as well as the trailer.

Agreed,I loved it too. I saw it first on a video projector, not the true big screen though unfortunately. 🙁 The music was awesome too, indeedio.

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