Figberticus, Figgles, Bertie

He’s known as all of those, yes it’s Figbert. Merrill named him of course. Anyway, here’s a couple recent pictures in honor of his second birthday.

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Figbert is the best name in the world. Both shots are wonderful, but that second picture is one of my very favorites of yours.

Doug, thanks buddy. Yeah, I like that second one a lot too. It captures Figgy at his “please won’t you take me out running in the fields” best.

My goodness, he is soooo cute! I`m sorry Bryan, but I`m stealing him. 😛

Ha, yeah, he’s cute, and he knows it.

I like the totally bored expression. He’s not impressed with the camera in the least.

I really love the profile. There’s so much to look at. Whenever I take a picture of a dark animal, it’s a blot or a shadow of its true self.

You said it Mark, photographing black dogs is definitely a challenge!

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